What will become of you and me Besides the photo and the memory? This is the school in which we learn. That time is the fire in which we burn. What is the self amidst this blaze? What am I now that I was then, which I shall suffer and act again? The children shouting […]


Slowly the golden memory of the dead sun fades from the hearts of the cold, sad clouds. Silent, like sorrowing children, the birds have ceased their song, and only the moorhen’s plaintive cry and the harsh croak of the corncrake stirs the awed hush around the couch of waters, where the dying day breathes out […]


I always enjoy observing people at the airport. Some look stressed and move quickly, others have a blank look on their face. Businessmen pacing around while talking on their phone, oblivious of the world around them. A group of friends returning from a trip. People drinking beer at 8 am, because the usual rules don’t […]